Overview of Microassembly System:

An overview of the microassembly system is provided, to give the reader a basic understanding of the various elements of the system, and how they operate. A description of: (a) the robotic workstation, (b) bonding a microgripper to the end-effector system, (c) grasping a micro-part, (d) manipulating a micro-part, and (e) joining a micro-part to another micro-part, is provided.

Follow the links provided, to learn about each step:

(A) The Robotic Workstation:

The main components of the workstation are shown along with a description of their functions

(B) Bonding to a Microgripper

The process of bonding a microgripper to the end effector of the robotic workstation is described.

(C) Grasping a Micro-Part

The process of grasping a micro-part using a 'passive, compliant' microgripper is described.

(D) Manipulating a Micro-Part

The process of manipulating micro-parts is described.

(E) Joining a Micro-Part

The process of joining one micro-part to another micro-part is described.

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