Kinematics Structure
The working principle of the parallel robot is shown in the movie. The architecture the "smart planar parallel manipulator" is categorized as a P-R-R (Prismatic-Revolute-Revolute) type, i.e. the kinematic chains are comprised of a prismatic joint and two revolute joints in sequence. The three prismatic joints, i.e. the three sliders shown in the Figure, are active joints. All revolute joints are passive joints. Through actuation of the three active joints, the moving platform is driven to a desired location in the plane within the workspace with a desired orientation. In the movie, one linkgae is flexible and two are rigid. Four PZT sensors and two PZT actuators for active vibration control are bonded to each flexibe linkage.
Kinematic Structure (With Movies)
FEA Modeling of Flexible Linkages
Substructuring Modeling of the Parallel Manipulator
Experimental Identification of the Parallel Manipulator
Active Vibration Control Design
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