Roman Maev

Professor Roman Maev

Adjunct Professor in MIE
University Professor & NSERC/DaimlerChrysler/U. of W. Ind. Res. Chair
Faculty of Sciences, University of Windsor
Ontario N9B 3P4 Canada
Tel: (519)-253-3000 EXT(2661)

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Dr. Roman Maev is the Chairholder of the NSERC/Chrysler/University of Windsor Industrial Research Chair in Applied Solid State Physics and Material Characterization. He came to Canada in 1994, through Inter-Governmental Canada-Russia technology exchange program. One year later Dr. Maev was appointed as a Full Faculty Professor in the School of Physical Sciences at University of Windsor and in 1997 he established the Center of Imaging Research and Advanced Mateiral Characterization at University of Windsor. The unique acousto-microscopic methods and techniques developed by Dr. Maev in his new instritution in Canada make possible the delivery and management of high-technology developments and research programs, showing him to be one of the premier leaders in his field in North America. He invented a portable multi-eyed acoustic microscope lens system for material and biomaterial research applications and a 2D matrix array hand-held ultrasonic NDE analyzer, which are currently used in various pilot projects with Chrysler and since 2007 worldwide.

In May 2008, Dr. Maev was appointed the Founding Director and CEO of new Institute for Diagnostic Imaging Research, a new initiative of the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation, which provided start-up funding for the new Institute in the amount of $5 million.

Prior to joining the University of Windsor in 1994, Dr. Maev was the Director of the Acoustic Microscopy Center, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow. Dr. Maev, by his basic education is a theoretical solid-state physicist, graduated from the Moscow Physico-Engineering University, received his Ph.D. degree in the theory of semiconductivity from the Physical Lebedev Institute of the Russian Academy of sciences in 1973. In 2001 he received a Dr. Sc. Degree from the Russian Academy of Sciences, and in 2005 received a Full Professor Diploma in Physics from the Russian Federation Government.

Dr. Maev has won many awards for his innovations, research discoveries and inventions. In recognition of his contribution to the development of ultrasonic technique, Dr. Maev was awarded the Pioneer Awards by American Institute of Ultrasonic in Medicine in 1988, and in 1989 was the Centenary Abbe Medal from the World Microscopical Society.

Overview Of Dr. Roman Maev's Work

Dr. Roman Maev's work is on the application of nondestructive evaluation technology for solving crucial quality control problems such as the development on in-line monitoring systems for advanced manufacturing processes.

Dr. Roman Maev is the Chairholder. His research involves the use of sound waves to look into materials and to display the results in an easy-to-interpret image on a computer screen. His innovations have led to developments such as integrating acoustic imaging equipment into welding tools, thereby providing an instant record and read-out of the quality of each weld during production. In this Industrial Research Chair program, Dr. Maev will apply similar technology - but using high frequencies - to penetrate metal and other materials. He will develop new ways to integrate this technology into portable equipment.