Personnel at the Rheology Lab

Professor David James

Research interests:

  • Rheology, experimental and theoretical
  • Extensional rheology
  • Viscoelasticity, elastic effects in flowing fluids
  • Structure of complex fluids, from molecular to microscopic Flow of non-Newtonian fluids
  • Friction reduction with polymer additives
  • Newtonian Fluid Mechanics
  • Flow through fibrous porous media
  • Microfluidics
  • Biomechanics Physiological lubrication

For more information, please see Prfoessor James's Personal U of T webpage

Ronnie Yip

Ronnie Yip is  a Ph. D. candidate in the MIE Department. He was the recipient of the NSERC Post Graduate Scholarship, the Ontario Graduate Scholarship, and had been offered the Ontario Graduate Scholarship of Science and Technology while studying at the U of T. Ronnie received his M. Eng. and B. Eng. degrees from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec.

Current research:

  • Investigation of the effects of elasticity in creeping flow of a viscoelastic fluid past a fibrous porous medium.
  • Experimental technique include the use of particle image velocimetry (PIV) to measure the flow field within the porous medium at various Deborah numbers, and relating the results with the increasing flow resistance due to fluid elasticity.

Edwin Wang

Edwin Wang is an MASc student in the department of MIE. He received his
Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering with a focus in Energy
and Environment at the University of Toronto in 2009. He was the recepient
of the Otto Holden Scholarship for having the highest aggregate score in
hydraulic engineering.

Current research project:

  • Drag flow of Non-newtonian viscoelastic fluids around solid bodies
  • Flowing a non-newtonian fluid at near-uniform steady-state
    velocities around solid bodies, such as cylinders and spheres, in order to
    determine the effect of fluid elasticity on the coefficient of drag around
    such bodies.

Shamsur Rahman

Shamsur Rahman is an MASc student in the MIE department. He received his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering from McGill University in 2006. He is a recipient of the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) Award for the year 2010-2011.

Research project:

  • Objective: Establish, experimentally, a correlation between fluid elasticity and turbulent drag reduction.
  • Simulate the turbulent burst process by a modified cross-slot laminar flow in order to determine the effect of fluid elasticity in pre-sheared planar extensional flow and correlate to turbulent drag reduction.

Juhee Ko

Juhee Ko is an MSc student in the Faculty of Dentistry. She received her Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Life Sciences with a focus in Biology in 2008, and Bachelor of Social Science in Psychology in 2009, both at McMaster University.

Current research project:

  • Viscosity measurements of resting and stimulated healthy human saliva
  • The effects of green tea intake on salivary flow and viscosity in patients
    with Sjogren's Syndrome (Xerostomia)