Fluids characterized in the MIE Rheology Laboratory

Academic Research, by Professor James’s Research Group, 2003 to present

Dilute Polymer Solutions;  Nanthan Yogachandran;  MASc thesis
Newtonian Mixtures;  Nasim Hyder;   MASc thesis
Coatings;  James Wang;  MASc thesis
Tailings Pastes;  Minkyung Kwak;  MASc thesis
Water-glycerol Mixtures;  Wen Hua Zhong;  MASc thesis
Fibre Suspensions;  Jane Segal;  MASc thesis
Polymer Blends;  Warner Cheng;   PhD thesis
Paper Coatings;  Mohammad Pouran;  PhD thesis
Aluminum Tailings;  Kevin Fernandes;  MEng Report
Associative Polymer Solutions;  Ryan Grau;  MASc thesis
Foaming Plastic;  Jing Wang;  PhD thesis
Polypeptide Solutions;  Judith Cirulis;  PhD thesis
Surfactant Solutions;  Mayumi Ouchi;  Postdoc
Boger Fluids (Ideally Elastic Liquids);  Ronnie Yip;  PhD thesis
Saliva;  Juhee Ko; MSc thesis

Other Academic Research

CMC Solutions;  Ryerson University
Photocurable Polymer;  Queen’s University
Biological Gels;  ChemEng;  University of Toronto
Fine Coke Suspensions;  ChemEng;  University of Toronto
Oil-in–Water Emulsions;  Ryerson University
Foamable Polymer;  MIE;  University of Toronto
Bio-oil;  MIE;  University of Toronto
Tissue Gel;  CCBR;  University of Toronto
Pharmaceutical Liquids;  Pharmacy;  University of Toronto
Blood;  MIE;  University of Toronto
Polymer/Fibre Mixtures;  Forestry;  University of Toronto
Biological Polymer Solutions;  ChemEng;  UBC

Commercial/Industrial Research

Coating Resins;  EverDry Forest Products
Inks;  Frontier Printing Inks
Aluminum Can Coatings;  Novelis Inc
Degenerative Disc Gel;  Sunnybrook Health Sciences
Thickened Liquids;  Toronto Rehabilitation Institute
Polymeric Materials;  Interface Biologics
Eye Drops;  Toronto Western Hospital
Hyaluronic Acid/Bead Mixtures;  Rimon Therapeutics