Xiaoyun Wang
Ph.D. Candidate
M.A.Sc., B.Eng. 
Professional Societies: IEEE, ASME, and CSME
5 King's College Road
Toronto, ON, Canada M5S 3G8
Tel/Fax: 416-978-0640
G-mail: xiaoyun.wang@gmail.com




Current Topic: Modeling and Control of a Smart Parallel Platform





FE modeling of flexible Linkage


Flexible multibody modeling of the smart parallel platform


Experimental modal analysis of the smart parallel platform


Modal control of the smart parallel platform


Adaptive leaning active vibration control





Wang, X., Mills, J. K., Experimental Identification and Active Control of Configuration Dependent Linkage Vibration in a Planar Parallel Platform, To be submitted to Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control.


Wang, X., Mills, J. K., FEM Dynamic Model for Active Vibration Control of Flexible Linkages and Its Application to a Planar Parallel Platform, Accepted by the Journal of Applied Acoustics.


Wang, X., Mills, J. K., Dynamic Modeling of a Flexible-Link Planar Parallel Platform Using a Substructuring Approach, Submitted to Mechanisms and Machine Theory.


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Wang,X., Mills, J.K., Yan, G., Lin, R.M., An Active Vibration Control Scheme Based On Primary Response Reconstruction Algorithm, To appear in to the Proceedings of 2004 International Conference on Adaptive Structures and Technologies (ICAST) Atlantic Oakes, Bar Harbor, Maine, U.S.A., October 24-27, 2004.(Downloadable)


Wang, X, Mills, J.K., Experimental Modal Analysis of Flexible Linkages in a Smart Parallel Platform”, in the Proceedings of the 7th Cansmart Meeting -International Workshop on Smart Materials and Structures, Montreal, Canada, pp.37-46, 2004. (Downloadable)


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