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Our research focuses on developing an understanding of the mechanics of nanomaterials and how they can be applied to impact engineering design at multiple length scales from nano-to-macro. We apply cutting edge experimental nanomechanics tools such as AFM, FFM, and In-situ SEM/TEM MEMS testing to reveal mechanical mechanisms and phenomena at the nanoscale which can be applied to enhance the mechanical properties of macroscopic systems. Areas of research focus include nanotribology of thin films and MEMS, multiscale mechanics of carbon based materials, and size-scale mechanics and electro-mechanics of nanomaterials.      

/ Tobin Filleter, PI

nw    cnt1        mems          Nano Lett          GO
    Carbon, 98 (2016) 291-299          ACS Nano, 10 (2016) 1939-1947          Nanotechnology, 26 (2015) 135702    Nano Lett., 15 (2015) 6528-6534          Carbon, 81 (2015) 497-504  

Key Words: Nanomechanics; Nanotribology; In-situ MEMS testing; Multiscale mechanics; Electron microscopy; Atomic force microscopy; Friction force microscopy; Size-scale plasticity; Graphene and Graphene oxide; Nanowires and Nanotubes.