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Welcome to the Mechanics and Aerospace Design Laboratory (MADL)

Welcome from the Director!

   Discover a Lab at the Cutting Edge: Greetings and welcome to the Mechanics and Aerospace Design Laboratory (MADL) at the University of Toronto, Canada. I wish to extend a warm welcome to you and I hope that you will find our research of interest to your career.

The MADL offers you an exciting opportunity to work in cutting edge research that is both challenging and stimulating. We are unique in the sense that we combine highly sophisticated modelling and simulation techniques to real industrial problems and our work is essential to engineering practice. We are proud of the fact that

the MADL and its director play a significant leadership role in many scientific/research contexts; chairing key committees and associations, editing leading journals, organising major meetings and influencing engineering education and educators. We cover a wide spectrum of mechanics, materials and design problems spanning the different length and time scales; from nanometres and femtoseconds to metres and seconds. I am confident that if you are accepted in our team, either for master's or doctoral degree, that you will find the MADL environment academically productive and personally rewarding. 

As a member of our team, you will have the opportunity to study in greater depth and detail than you did as an undergraduate with careful and dedicated supervision.  You will be challenged to explore new areas and go beyond the boundaries of current knowledge to make new discoveries.  In addition to working with some of the brightest group of postgraduates in this country, you will become well acquainted with our computer facilities and research equipment and facilities. As the Director of this Lab, I am totally committed to your success in pursuing a better career in industry, government agencies and/or university. I wish you every success in your endeavours, and I hope to meet you personally in the near future.

There are currently vacancies at MADL for graduate students. The search will continue until all vacancies are filled. Click here for more information. (2/17/2016)

Dr. Shaker Meguid



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