Our laboratory focuses on developing microscale technologies for cell biology studies, with a current emphasis on cancer research. The ultimate goal is to apply these systems for practical functional assays, high-throughput cell-based screening, and diagnostic applications in cancer biology and medicine. We use an interdisciplinary approach that involves integration of mechanical design, microfabrication techniques, fluid dynamics principles, cell biology, advanced image analyses and computational methods to create innovative tools and technologies that can help probe the latest questions and foremost challenges in modern biology.

Recent News

2016-05-31: Prof. Young has been awarded the Early Researcher Award by the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation!

2016-05-28: Congratulations to Thomas Moore and Alwin Wan for winning runner-up Best Talk and Best Poster awards, respectively, at the Ontario-on-a-Chip 2016 Conference!

2015-11-24: Congratulations to Noosh Walji for winning the Barbara and Frank Milligan Graduate Fellowship!

2015-09-01: Noosheen Walji joins our team as a Ph.D. student. Welcome, Noosh!

2015-08-28: Congratulations to Tobe Madu and Daniel Konstantinou for successfully defending their Masters theses!

2015-07-28: Alwin's paper on Solvent Bonding was accepted for publication in Lab on a Chip!

2015-04-14: Interested in learning about micromilling? Check out our tutorial review, featured on the Front Cover of Lab on a Chip, co-authored by Dr. Wan and Prof. Young!

2014-04-14: Our Grand Challenges project was recently highlighted in U of T Magazine as part of a cover story on "Superbugs".