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MAMD '2011 is the sixth international gathering of scientists and engineers interested in the fields of mechanics, engineering design, advanced materials, energy harvesting, reliability, quality and safety engineering, and is planned for November 15-18, 2011 in Cairo, Egypt.

The first conference was held in Toronto in 1994, the second in USA '1998, the third in Nottingham '2000, the fourth in Nagoya '2002, the fifth in Porto '2006. These meetings resulted from the belief that of those disciplines associated with advanced product design and manufacture, engineering mechanics, materials engineering and reliability and safety engineering have made the most significant advances in recent years. Important and dramatic improvements in systems and component design can be made by the use of the latest advances in these disciplines, and the associated failure mechanisms. Their effect on the environment is significant and will help in avoiding global warming and harmful emissions.


American University in Cairo, Egypt


Prof. Shaker A. Meguid
Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
University of Toronto
Toronto, Canada
Prof. Maher Younan
Department of Mechanical Engineering
American University in Cairo
Cairo, Egypt


Prof. Joaquim Silva Gomes
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Porto
Porto, Portugal


University of Toronto (Canada)
American University in Cairo (Egypt)