The Advanced Research Laboratory for Multifunctional Lightweight Structures (ARL-MLS) specializes in testing, simulation, and optimization of new material and structural designs in automotive, aerospace, nuclear, and biomedical applications. Ambitious new design goals are increasingly challenging current testing and simulation capabilities. The ARL-MLS does research to meet these challenges using high level testing and computational resources that focus on low and high frequency vibration testing, multidisciplinary design optimization, and continuum-to-atomistic multiscale modeling. In addition to these areas, research is being carried out on new technologies including biofuel applications, morphing wing design, and vibration and noise reduction. By advancing multifunctional & lightweight design solutions, the ARL-MLS is giving rise to exciting new developments that are at the forefront of innovation in the automotive, aerospace, nuclear, and biomedical sectors.

Collaboration with Industry

ARL-MLS collaborates with several companies and institutions to develop state of the art technology solutions and to implement the cutting edge research accomplished in the laboratory. See the Partners page for a full list of collaborators.

Opportunities and Positions

Interested in domestic MASc in the area of multiscale modeling, optimization, and lightweight structural design. Please email all inquiries to arlmls@mie.utoronto.ca. In your email please include a CV, describe your research interests, and explain why you are interested in our lab and research program.

Recent News